Angela Lin


Throughout my 10 years as an esthetician, nail technician, and makeup artist, I have come to learn the intricacies of how the skin functions, how to work very precisely with my hands, and how to apply makeup to flatter any face.

While working as a professional artist for 4 years and attending Emily Carr for the Advanced Painting in Fine Arts program, I learned the most important element of composition and design: Ф The Golden Ratio. This knowledge has been key to how I design your Tattoo. The culmination of these skills ensure that the treatment you receive is completely custom designed to your individuality.

Service: Price: Time:
Touch-up NYC $450 USD 1h
Microblading NYC $850 USD 2h
Ombre Powder NY $850 USD 2h
Combination Brows NY $950 USD 2h
Microblading $600 2h
+ Colour Correction + $100 N/A
+ Shading + $100 N/A
Ombre Powder Brows $600 2h
Combination Brows $700 2h30m
Body Tattoo Removal $200+ 1h+
Cosmetic Tattoo Removal $150+ 1h
Touch-ups (within 3 months) $100 1h
Touch-ups (within 6 months) $200 1h
Touch-ups (within 12 months) $300 1h
Touch-ups (within 18 months) $350 1h
Touch-ups (within 2 years) $400 1h
Touch-ups (after 2 years) $500 1h

*Prices are subject to vary for travel dates: please email to request to be on the contact list for LA or NY


I have always been particularly obsessed with eyebrows. Back in highschool, my friends would come hang at my house and make me shape their eyebrows for them! After highschool, I started working in the esthetics industry where shaping and tinting eyebrows became one of my specialties. During my time working as commisioned artist, I found an aptitude for painting realism and have brought that into how I design eyebrow tattoos. I have been providing cosmetic tattoo treatments full time since 2015 and specialize in microbladed eyebrows. I credit myself to having one of the most extensive portfolios of healed results on instagram. And was the very first microblading artist to create a branded hashtag for my healed work (#aoalhealedpics).


Out of highschool, I went to Blanche MacDonald Centre and received diplomas in Esthetics and Makeup in 2004. After working in the beauty industry for so long, I wanted to explore a more artistic and creative career path so I went to Emily Carr University of Art and Design for their 3 year Advanced Painting in Fine Arts program. During this time I supported myself through Art School by doing commissioned paintings locally specializing in realism. When I discovered Microblading, I immediately felt that I was born to do this. I took my introductory program in Vancouver which covers the standard procedure and how to work safely with blood born pathogens. Then, to develop my artistry, I went on to take several advanced training courses in Los Angeles with the most renown educator in North America. I have now acquired 7 different certifications in this industry and will continue to further my range of education in tattooing.


I am a self proclaimed foodie, visual artist, wanderluster, adventure seeker. When I’m not thinking about work, my thoughts would be mostly revolved around food and what I want to eat next. I am definitely the type who lives to eat and will traveled far and wide just to eat something in particular. Which always leads me to making new travel plans for my next big food tour. Along these food tours, I always make time for something exciting whether it’s skydiving in Dubai over The Palms or paragliding through the Canary Islands in Spain. But my favorite thing to do on my travels is to visit the local art museum where I can spend hours learning about that city through their art. Here in Vancouver I enjoy painting, snowboarding in the winter, and wakeboarding in the summer. But most of the time you can find me hanging out with my pug Luna. Fun fact : I am a crazy dog lady and will bring my pug everywhere even if it means sneaking her into restaurants and movie theatres in a pet carrier!

Ready when you are.