As a person who strives to live by the mantra of being observant, grateful, and present, I take the utmost care to fully understand each person’s vision in a safe, welcoming way. Through the art of tattoos I hope to leave a sense of pride and joy with each individual who chooses to have
me be part of their journey of self-expression.

As an artist with a career in apparel design and development, I take a creative approach that balances the beauty of the body and the free flow nature of art. Having spent time living and travelling across Asia, Europe, and Africa, the culmination of people, places, and experiences shaped my artistry which I hope to share with others.

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Since I was young I have had creative aspirations and sought out mediums to express myself. As a child, I taught myself to draw and as an adult, I worked in apparel design. My time spent working with Arc’teryx Equipment Inc. gave me a creative outlet and honed my skills in concept development. Seeking out further inspiration, I briefly lived in Africa and then moved to Asia where I established myself as a visual artist through painting. While living in Tokyo, I developed my love for the aesthetic of marrying watercolour with sumi-ink which is expressed throughout my artwork. I participated in collaborative exhibitions and performed live paintings where I was able to meet like-minded artists. To me, art is a way to connect, bring joy, and evoke emotions.

I had always been passionate about tattoo art, and having the honour of meeting and being tattooed by some of Asia’s most renowned tattoo artists during my travels was the inspiration and catalyst for becoming a tattoo artist.


In 2012 I graduated from Kwantlen Polytechnic University with a Bachelor of Design, Fashion, and Technology. The four-year intensive program focused on all aspects of design and led to my formal career, where I refined my sense of the human figure and developed my approach to creative design. While living in Tokyo, I further developed my visual artistry and gained practical experience through drawing, painting, and tattoo design, both commissioned and non-commissioned.

In 2020 I returned to Vancouver to focus on the art of tattooing and began studying under established tattoo artists. I completed a Tattoo Fundamentals course by Jamie Kan to further cement my foundational skill and gain experience. As an artist who is mainly self taught, I then dedicated the following 2 years to accumulating hundreds of hours of practice and further developing my skills.


I’ve always appreciated experiencing other cultures and seeing new places, which led to years of backpacking and travelling. In my younger years I enjoyed a good competitive game of ultimate frisbee, playing in tournaments worldwide. As I’ve aged, I have stuck to hiking and the occasional game of pickle ball.

Fun fact, in 2014 after climbing part of Mt Fuji alone, I lost my way to my hostel with no accessible wifi or data. Other fun adventures of mine include crossing the border of Uganda and Rwanda by foot, where the border crossing guard with an AK-47 asked to be pen pals, and when I was almost rammed by a rhino at a sanctuary.

However, when I need to recharge I’m very much a homebody. Whether I’m painting, cooking or fixing things, I love being hands on and can easily get lost in the moment.

Ready when you are.