Robin Jang


Making women feel beautiful while utilizing my artistic abilities has always been my greatest joy. With a career that has now spanned over fifteen years in the cosmetic and beauty industry, the part I enjoy most is building relationships with my clients and being able to create that interpersonal connection with people which I feel is the most important element in providing great customer service. My main focus is to always provide a comfortable experience by ensuring every client feels safe and confident in every step of the process and my ultimate goal is that everyone receives natural looking results that enhances their natural beauty.

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Service Pricing

Lip Blush Price Time
Lip Blush $400 2h 30 mins
Touch Up Within 3 Months $100 2h
Touch Up Within 6 Months $150 2h
Touch Up Within 12 Months $200 2h
Touch Up Within 18 Months $250 2h
Touch Up Within 2 Years $300 2h
Eyelashes Price Time
Lash Lift $75 30 mins
Lash Lift + Tint $100 45 mins
Lash Lift Keratin $140 30 mins
Lash Lift + Tint Keratin $150 45 mins
Eyebrows Price Time
Brow Lamination $50 30 mins
Brow Lamination + Tint $60 45 mins
Microblading $300 2hrs
Ombre Powder Brows $300 2hrs
Combination Brows $325 2hrs
Eyebrow Touch up within 3 months $50 2hrs
Eyebrow Touch up within 6 months $100 2hrs
Eyebrow Touch up within 12 months $250 2hrs
Eyebrow Touch up within 18 months $275 2hrs
Eyebrow Touch up within 2 years $300 2hrs
Body Tattoo Price Time
Body Tattoo Charge By The Piece


In my makeup career, I had the opportunity to work with an international modeling agency travelling all over the globe to do makeup for editorial and fashion shows. After a decade long career in make-up, I wanted to utilize my knack for doing very intricate work so I took my first lash course and built a career in lashing for 6 years. I continued to expand my services and since learning permanent make-up I have fallen in love with doing Lip Blush tattoos which is now my primary focus. I have now been working in the beauty industry for over 15 wonderful years and continue to aspire to stay up to date on the most current beauty trends.


Out of high school, I went to Blanche MacDonald and graduated with a certificate in makeup artistry. In 2010, I decided to expand my services and became a certified lash technician. Having a thirst to continue exploring different avenues in the beauty industry, I later enrolled in different Permanent Make-up courses and learned my techniques from world renown educators in this industry. I strive to constantly learn and expand my knowledge and techniques in permanent make-up and hope to offer a wider range of services in the future.


I’ve often been described as free-spirited and the ultimate girly girl who loves to indulge in all things glittery, fantasy, and magical. It is a normal day for me to hunt and dig up crystals from the earth, beach comb for crafts, and take classes for all forms of dance. I love hosting tea parties, spoiling my family and friends with homemade gifts, hand crafting dream-catchers and sewing costumes. I also make my own jewelry and natural skincare products! Fun fact: I also have an online shop and do pop ups selling all things unicorn related!

Ready when you are.