An artist
private studio.

Tattoos, beauty,
& fine art.


Work with our artists to design something unique and meaningful to you.

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Our innovative eyebrow tattooing techniques mean that you can have the eyebrows you’ve always dreamed of.

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Let us make your eyes pop with an eyeliner tattoo! This treatment is perfect for those who have unsteady hands and struggle to apply perfect eyeliner everyday.

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We do subtle and natural enhancements for lips to help with asymmetry, paleness, and fullness

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Beauty mark tattoos have been used for centuries to enhance facial features. Beauty marks create a seductive look & give glamour to your appearance.

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Eyebrow waxing and shaping will leave your eyebrows feeling fresh, clean, and sharp.

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Let us customize the perfect set of lashes that will flatter your eyes and also keep the integrity of your natural lashes.

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Scalp Micropigmentation or otherwise known as SMP simulates hair follicles to create the illusion of density to thinning hair.

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Our piercing department offers a high level of quality, safety and experience. Whether you are choosing simply to express your personal style, or perhaps something deeper, we are here to provide you with a safe, welcoming and comfortable experience.

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Innovative artists creating custom designs

Art doesn’t end on pen and paper, or brush and canvas. We are creators that see art in everything we do. Our clients are our inspiration and or canvas. We have elevated our process on a more artistic level to create custom designs that are made just for you and to reflect your personal style.

Our Artists


We are a different kind of studio

A space to inspire. A space to create art.

Studio Artisphere is about empowering women. Through services that make women feel more confident about themselves and also by providing a platform to help other artists’ build their careers through our studio. Our primary services are body tattoos and permanent makeup. But we offer so much more than just services. We’ve created a space to inspire. A space to create and showcase art. Studio Artisphere allows leading artists in different industries a place to come together and support one another in their artistic endeavours while providing beauty and tattoo services elevated on a more artistic level. Our walls are also filled with curated art from local and international artists for our clients to enjoy and purchase at our studio.

337 E Broadway
Vancouver, BC V5T 1W5
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