In my years as a professional makeup artist and esthetician, I have developed a keen eye for shaping, balancing and creating structure to my client’s brows by utilizing specific brow mapping techniques. I have been continuously developing my Makeup, Skincare and Brow shaping skills while working in the beauty industry. I have always strived to work with everyone I meet to discover, realize and create their dream eyebrow shape. I aim to make every client feel welcomed and comfortable with me as their artist. I love seeing client’s reactions to their new brows and seeing how much their confidence gets boosted. This reaction is what makes my job absolutely amazing.

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Service Pricing

Waxing, Tweezing, Lamination & Tinting Price Time
Brow Wax $29 20 mins
Brow Tweeze $31 30 mins
Lip Wax $17 10 mins
Brow Tint $25 20 mins
Brow & Lip Wax $41 20 mins
Brow Wax & Tint $44 30 mins
Brow Tweeze & Tint $46 30 mins
Brow Wax, Tint & Lip $53 30 mins
Brow Lamination $60 45 mins
Brow Lamination & Tint $70 60 mins
Brow Lamination & Tint & Tweeze $115 60 mins
Brow Lamination & Tweeze $90 60 mins
Brow Lamination, Tint, Brow Tweeze & Lip Wax $125 60 mins
Cosmetic Tattoo Price Time
Microblading $400 2 h
Powder Ombre $450 4 h
Blade & Shade $475 4 h
Combo Brows $500 4 h
Touchup (2-3 months) $180 3.5 h
Touchup (4-11 months) $270 3.5 h
Touchup (12-24 months) $330 3.5 h


I have been working in the beauty and spa industry for over 25 years. I have run successful brow bars as well as been a Senior Makeup Artist for various Makeup and Skincare brands in the beauty industry where I was able to utilize my passion for makeup, brow shaping and meeting new people. I find the most rewarding thing about being in this industry is how unique everyone I meet is and some of the lifelong friendships I have developed. My obsession with brow shaping has driven me to excel at my job because I find shaping brows incredibly satisfying and I can never get enough of it. Shaping brows has been my lifelong passion.


I went to Langley Beauty Academy for Makeup, Nails and Skincare in 1997 where I learned the roots of my beauty skills. Later in 2002, I attended John Casablancas to further my education in Makeup Artistry and when I knew I wanted to combine my skills with makeup and brow shaping, I took my PMU course in early 2022 with Plush Perfections Studios in Permanent Makeup focusing on Microblading, Powder Ombre, Blade & Shade and Combo Brow. It felt like a natural progression for me to combine my two passions as well as develop a new skill that I have since fallen in love with. I have attended classes and seminars over the years to keep up to date with the latest trends, and products; I am a constant sponge absorbing anything and everything that I can to keep my education growing.


I have been a major bookworm all my life. I read all the time and am cultivating my own, personal library of horror novels, the classics, coffee table books and banned or unique books. I love animals and have had quite a few cats and dogs over the years. I was raised to enjoy all kinds of music and love heavy metal, classical, old school music as well as the music I grew up with as a teenager. I am an avid walker and really love going for long walks with my headphones on to recharge my batteries. I have lived in East Van for the past 17 years and love its charm and character as well as the gorgeous heritage homes and buildings.

Ready when you are.