Fundamentals of Microblading

Angela is an internationally renown Cosmetic Tattoo Artist in Vancouver. With years of experience, she has mastered the art of Microblading eyebrows and is now sharing her secrets and techniques with you in this one on one 6-day Fundamentals of Microblading program.

With this program, you will receive full knowledge and training on how to start your career as a microblading artist with confidence!

Program Pricing

Service Price Time
Fundamentals of Microblading $5500 6 days

What you get from the program:

  • Full Knowledge on how to start your Microblading career
  • Hands-on training on Angela’s specific techniques for consistently healed results.
  • Understanding of brow mapping, hair stroke patterns, skin types and profiles, and how to determine the best shape and colour for your client.
  • How to predict healed results and colour on different skin types.
  • Client interaction. How to educate and set realistic expectations for your client.
  • Where to order Angela’s favourite supplies
  • Photography/editing knowledge
  • Microblading Kit to get you started for 10 clients
  • Textbook
  • Certificate of Completion for Artisphere Academy’s 6-day Fundamentals of Microblading Program with Angela Lin.

DAY 1-4: Theory (6 hours per day)

We will start with 4 days of theory and practice to cover everything you will need to know about microblading before working on a model. Each step of the process will be explained in detail. Feel free to ask any questions and take notes along the way.

  • Intro to Microblading
  • Safety Practices
  • Skin Theory
  • Colour Theory
  • Brow Shaping
  • Hair Stroke Patterns
  • Microblading Procedure Set-Up and Techniques
  • Client Care
  • Photography
  • Marketing and Supplies

DAY 5: Shadow Day (6 hours)

Shadow Angela while she works on 2 models and explains her specific techniques, tips, and tricks every step of the way to ensure your technique is done correctly and efficiently. She will cover everything you will need to know for the entire procedure such as: sitting and hand positioning, stretching techniques, proper blading techniques, etc.

DAY 6: Model Day (6 hours)

* You can provide your own models OR we can help find models for you. There is a $100 tray setup fee for models.

  • Setting up your station
  • First Model
  • LUNCH Break
  • Second Model
  • Discuss how to further improve your technique. Talk about photography/editing pictures.
  • BONUS* additional day of working on a model at a later date if you need more practice

Why choose this program:

  • One on one hands-on training customized to suit your needs and what you need to focus on.
  • Add on training days available to continue your apprenticeship to further improve your microblading skills or learn combination and manual shading at $850/ each additional day.
  • Bed rental options to further assist you in working on models in a licensed professional work environment.


  • Must be 18 years of age. Photo ID required!
  • Proof of Bloodborne Pathogen’s certificate


  • $1000 non-refundable deposit is required to book this program.
  • Please bring a notebook to take notes

Email [email protected] to arrange your program dates.