My journey into the body modification industry began at 18 years old, as an act of self-reclamation. Now, with over 17 years of piercing experience, I approach my craft with great reverence for its transformative capabilities. Whether you are choosing simply to express your personal style, or perhaps something deeper, I am here to provide you with a safe, welcoming and comfortable experience. Through my practice, I aim to facilitate feelings of self-love and empowerment for all who enter into my piercing room. Connecting with people and fostering long-term relationships with my clients is what I enjoy most about my work. There is no greater compliment for me than a client telling me they will never get pierced by anyone else.

Please view all of the FAQs, AFTERCARE, and POLICIES for our services on our INFO PAGE before booking an appointment.

Service Pricing

Piercing (not including jewellery) Price Time
Rim/Helix $50 30 mins
Industrial/Custom Ear Project $60 30 mins
Forward Helix $50 30 mins
Conch $50 30 mins
Daith $50 30 mins
Rook $50 30 mins
Snug $50 30 mins
Tragus $50 30 mins
Anti-Tragus $50 30 mins
Flat $50 30 mins
Single Lobe $30 30 mins
Both Lobes $50 30 mins
Eyebrow $50 30 mins
Bridge $55 30 mins
High Nostril $50 30 mins
Nostril $50 30 mins
Septum $50 30 mins
Medusa $50 30 mins
Monroe $50 30 mins
Lip $50 30 mins
Vertical Lip $50 30 mins
Tongue $50 30 mins
Navel $50 30 mins
Nipple $50 30 mins
Female Genital Piercings $80 30 mins
Surface Piercing $70 30 mins


I started collecting piercings and tattoos at the age of 16 in an attempt to cope with childhood adversity and express autonomy. For me, my body modifications are important acts of transmutation. They have allowed me, at various points in my life, to transform that which was painful and outside of my control, into something that is beautiful to me and freely chosen. Early on in my body modification journey, I began to feel that this was an experience I would love to be able to facilitate for other people, so I wholeheartedly pursued a piercing apprenticeship. Fast-forward nearly two decades, I am so grateful to be here doing work that I love and that is infused with my values.


I began my piercing apprenticeship in 2006. I spent my first year in the industry learning infection prevention and control measures, as well as basic body piercing techniques, under a mentor affiliated with the Fakir Musafar School of Body Piercing. Fakir Musafar is the father of the Modern Primitives Movement, who co-developed many of the piercing techniques we use today. I was attracted to his teaching because of his uniquely spiritual approach to body piercing. Fakir Intensives is to this day the longest-running accredited body piercing school in the world.

My second year in the industry was dedicated to learning how to perform advanced body piercings, such as Daiths, Forward Helixes, and Microdermals. This portion of my training also included shamanic and ritualistic piercing practices, as well as pain management techniques. Since then, I have spent many years building on this knowledge and honing my craft. I maintain a valid Blood Borne Pathogens Certificate, and well as advanced First Aid and CPR training, as is recommended by the Association of Professional Piercers. The APP is an international health and safety organisation, dedicated to the dissemination of information about body piercing, and they are my go-to source for staying up to date on evolving health and safety standards and best practices in the industry.


I am an eager collector of fine body jewellery, (of course!) tattoos, house plants, and crystals. I have a lovely little kitty named Bean, and I would love to adopt about 100 more! I identify as Queer and am an HSP. When I’m not in the studio, I am either hanging out with my cat, devouring books, crafting, or playing outside. In the winter I love to snowboard as often as possible, and in the summer, I like to rock climb, paddleboard, and surf whenever the opportunity arises.

Ready when you are.