Tess Marti


As a cosmetic tattoo artist, my greatest passion is to help women boost their confidence and self-esteem. I am a perfectionist and enjoy working patiently and meticulously to produce unbeatable, natural-looking permanent makeup. Proud of the international training I have received, I have learned the most innovative techniques to enhance your natural beauty.

Service: Price: Time:
Lip Blush (in Calgary) $550 2h 45m
Ombre Powder Brows $400 3h
Lash Liner $350 2h
Eyeliner $450 3h
Smokey Liner $550 4h
Lip Blush $550 4h
Touch-ups (within 3 months) $100 1h 30m
Touch-ups (within 6 months) $150 1h 30m
Touch-ups (within 12 months) $200 1h 30m
Touch-ups (within 18 months) $250 1h 30m
Touch-ups (within 2 years) $300 1h 30m
Touch-ups (after 2 years) $400 1h 30m


I started drawing and experimenting with makeup from a very young age. Every day I would practice new styles and techniques and loved discovering all the different ways I could make my face look just by adding shadow and lines. Throughout high school, I made a hobby out of being a makeup artist by applying makeup for friends and family for special events and occasions. During school, I took multiple drafting courses, which is where I developed a love for understanding shapes and symmetry. I decided to combine my two passions together and start a career in cosmetic tattooing. I am one of the first artists to bring the smokey eyeliner technique to Vancouver, and one of few to perform permanent lip blush.


The first course I attended for cosmetic tattooing was an intensive fundamentals course in San Diego where I got to train under one of the most renown Permanent Makeup artists in this industry. From the first day of training, I knew in my heart that cosmetic tattooing was what I wanted to do with my life. I became very competitive and determined to perfect my work and expand my qualifications. After further researching the best permanent makeup artists around the world, I traveled to Ireland to be privately trained one on one by another award-winning artist. Taking these extensive courses taught me how to perform the latest most natural looking techniques currently offered. I graduated at the top of all my courses and stay dedicated to my practice by continuing to study and work alongside with the most elite artists in this industry.


I consider myself a people person and thoroughly enjoy finding common ground and developing connections with the people I meet. I have a profound love for the great outdoors and always regain such a sense of spirituality when I find myself in tune with nature. In the summertime, I often take camping trips around B.C. with my family and my favourite thing to do is to swim in lakes and sleep under the stars. Otherwise, you can find me in Europe where I enjoy immersing myself in beautiful architecture, learning about medieval cities rich with history, and trying to learn different languages all the while eating gelato along the way. Back at home you will either find me with my nose buried in a book or shopping for makeup. I have a terrifying amount of makeup that would put any beauty blogger to shame. Fun fact: I LOVE TO DANCE! If the dance floor is empty, I will always be the first to get my boogie on!

Ready when you are.