Rebecca Louise


For as long as I can remember I have always used art to express myself,  I think there is just something so special about how people get to express themselves in meaningful ways through tattoos. Being able to express myself through art has given me so much meaning and confidence and that’s the same feeling I want to give people when they receive a tattoo from me.

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Service Pricing

Eyebrows Price Time
Machine Tattoo ($150 per hour) $150 1h


Growing up I mainly was into drawing. I discovered a talent for painting after my grandad asked me to paint a mural of Venice in his house. This was the beginning of discovering a world of different mediums I could express myself with and I continued with painting for several years. I started dabbling with face painting for children which then grew into a passion for special effects makeup. I was able to work as a special effects makeup artist for a few years then one day I was drawing in a cafe in Scotland where a woman who worked there noticed my drawings and brought up the topic of tattooing. Within two weeks after that simple interaction, I had built a portfolio, quit my job and started working in a tattoo studio as an apprentice. Once I was confident in my skills, I opened up my own little studio in the UK and apprenticed another artist. I eventually had the desire to travel and decided to give up my studio to guest at other tattoo shops abroad and which led me to reside in Vancouver to continue my work.


In high school, drama and art class was where I could focus my passions for painting, drawing, costume and set design. Out of high school, I focused on these passions through practical learning experiences throughout my life.


Outside of being able to fulfil my career through my greatest passion, I would consider myself an adventure seeker. I love taking on new projects and crafts, exploring the great outdoors, and finding ways to push myself outside of my comfort zone. My latest hobby is refurbishing a 1976 dodge camper van with my own bare hands which has been a whole new learning experience that I adore. I love to travel as much as I can and can’t wait to experience more road trips throughout BC.

Ready when you are.

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