Parris Kolsteren


Over the past 7 years applying makeup and painting portraits, I’ve learned a lot about the structure of the face and the importance of creating balance. This is why I’m meticulous and never rush the design process. Our faces are our most precious canvas and I care about the subtle things that make us look so unique.

I’ve always believed that having knowledge in art and design is an important asset in the beauty industry. I chose this industry because I know that helping people put their best face forward can be powerful. I will always give everything I’ve got to enhance your natural beauty and give you confidence!

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Service Pricing

Eyebrows Price Time
Brow Lacquer $100 1hr
Microblading $300 3h
Touch-ups (within 3 months) $100 2h 30m
Touch-ups (within 6 months) $150 2h 30m
Touch-ups (within 12 months) $200 2h 30m
Touch-ups (within 18 months) $250 2h 30m
Touch-ups (within 2 years) $300 2h 30m
Touch-ups (after 2 years) $350 2h 30m


I first started shaping eyebrows for friends when I was just a kid. Before long I had their moms coming to me regularly for brow maintenance too! I always had a knack for capturing someone’s essence and recognizing beauty so makeup came very naturally to me. Before I graduated highschool I was doing makeup for brides and events and still enjoy doing that. After graduation, I spent my time taking art commissions and selling jewellery, But I began searching for something that would allow me to be around people more and expand my artistry and I discovered cosmetic tattooing. I’m glad to be doing what I love and excited to be here at Studio Artisphere with like-minded artists.


While still in highschool I had the opportunity to study painting under a local Vancouver artist. What started as a six-month internship for school turned into a long term mentorship that has now spanned over six years. Learning about the Gallery scene, art materials and painting techniques from an artist with over 30 years of experience has been so helpful in developing my skill set and my mindset as a creator.

My eagerness to dig deeper and challenge myself to improve set my course to learn other media’s like Ceramics, Jewellery making and finally Permanent makeup. I took my OSHA Bloodborne Pathogens course and got training to become a certified Microblading technician and haven’t looked back! Applying what I know as a fine artist, I learned quickly, and I went on to become certified to do Ombre Brows, Lip Blushing and Eyeliner. I look forward to continue learning new skills in both tattooing and fine arts for a very long time.


I like to think of myself as fun and down to earth. I like being authentic to myself and I love surrounding myself with authentic people. Life is about experiencing, contributing, sharing and enjoying so I try to do a lot of that. My identity lies deeply in the arts and always has. My interest in art and music grew as I read and became inspired by retro graphic novels, fantasy and sci-fi artwork and looking through my dads vinyl collection. My dream is to one day do painting illustrations for book covers and album artwork.

My hobbies include listening to heavy metal, blues and rock n roll, going to concerts and festivals with my very musical husband and road tripping in our camper trailer with my colourful little family.

When I’m not busy in my sketchbook or working on brows, I’m even more busy with my kiddos! I have two Girls in their early life and I love being a mom to them and getting my hands and clothes paint soiled or gluey. Cultivating an environment for creative thinking and expression in my life and in the lives of those around me gives me the greatest joy.

Ready when you are.

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Vancouver, BC V5T 1W5

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