Monica Pham


For me, creativity cannot be channeled into one interest. I love to be hands on and push myself to learn new skills that will satisfy my artistic expression. After getting my first hand-poke tattoo, I became enamored by the technique because it felt like such a raw and organic form of art. The visual and design background I have had is what cultivates the designs I create for my clients. My tattoo style is inspired by everyday experiences that may be over looked by some, but to me, they are what makes life special and meaningful.

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Service Pricing

Body Tattoo Price Time
Hand Poke Tattoos (charged by piece with $100 minimum) $100+ 1h+


My creative career began when I graduated from college. Since then I have traveled North America as a visual merchandiser, freelanced as a custom stationery designer, dabbled in many creative hobbies, and am now following my passion as a hand-poke tattoo artist.


My training in design started when I entered the Interdisciplinary Design Program at Kwantlen Polytechnic University. This was the perfect program for me because it introduced me to the foundation of many design principles. I gravitated towards graphic design and typography because I loved playing with the boldness of lines and seeing how subtle adjustments of line types affected the overall look and feel of my work. From there I wanted to practically build on my skills so I entered into the Display and Design program at Langara College. This allowed me to take my foundation of design education and expand on it by honing my graphic skills, creating conceptual work in building visual displays, and even some interior design.


When I am not hustling, I’m looking for the what art shows are happening or what DJ is in the city. These things really feed my soul and inspire me to keep with my own passions. For some down time I hangout at cafés or parks around Main St, dabbling in one of my hobbies: drawing or hand embroidery. Another thing I enjoy doing is switching up my studio apartment (or any of my friend’s). I find joy in creating new spaces and finding the perfect spot for treasures in a space.

Ready when you are.

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