I graduated with a degree in Graphic design. I gained insight into how to perform creative ideas in a variety of different figures, forms, and perspectives correctly. It helps me to execute a client request with my creativity and drawing skills. Based on the experience, I interact with clients to offer a better experience and strive to get a better understanding of how to approach client ideas.

Sources of my artistic inspiration include nature and all its varied aspects. I am focused on creating micro-realism, fine-line designs and colour tattoos.

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Service Pricing

Body Tattoo Price Time
Machine Tattoo Charge By The Piece 1 hr


Since I was in high school I was intrigued by digital creatives. I started learning software applications such as Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, and Premiere Pro. I improved the capability of comprehensive design that is able to do communication techniques, knowledge of design, sense of design in college. After I graduated from college I worked in the film industry as a film poster designer. I gathered a lot of experiences and developed software skills and drawing skills as I enjoy drawing in my free time. These experiences lead to creativity for tattooing.


I have a degree in Graphic design in 2015. While I was working in the film industry, I learned drawing and painting skills. When I was an apprentice I developed drawing skills and learned tattooing from scratch. I have always been passionate to improve my career as an artist. I will continue to pursue an education in art.


I enjoy seeing nature on a beach with good music, hiking in the mountains and camping. All I do on either a short trip or a long trip is to experience a local food, architecture and art gallery.

When I have spare time, I draw, make crafts and work out to maintain good physical condition.


Ready when you are.