Kylie Faelan

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Body Tattoo Price Time
Machine Tattoo Depends on design (Min $100) 1 hr


I’ve always loved the arts growing up. Singing, dancing, stage theatre, photography, crafting, sewing, print-making, sculpting. But I especially loved drawing. I filled sketchbooks and doodled all over my classwork, but I became dedicated to it in my early years of high school. I went to study illustration at university and took art commissions and freelance work after graduation. While I was still in college, I met my now wife and we later moved to Vancouver together. One year, she paid for my very first tattoo as a birthday present. I loved it so much and went on to get more tattoos. This later sparked an interest in learning how to tattoo.


Out of high school, I first studied illustration at the Institute of Art and Design at New England College and later transferred to complete my Bachelor of Arts in Illustration from Western Connecticut State University. I later started tattooing in 2020 and apprenticed under Katia Somerville of Rainfire Tattoo in Vancouver. I hope to utilize my background as an illustrator to create tattoos that best depict clients’ stories and personal journeys. I’m primarily interested in blackwork tattooing and enjoy designing pieces that feature typographic, nature-themed, and geometric elements. I draw artistic inspiration from patterns and ornamentation found in nature and am especially partial to inquiries that feature North American flora and fauna.


I love to spend my time drawing even outside of tattoo designs. But when I’m off work and not drawing, I’m spending time with my wife, going out for walks with my dog, playing games with my friends, painting, running, hiking, or reading fiction, autobiographies, or pop-science books. I love to hear about what people are reading and I always love a good book recommendation. 

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