Holly Hansen


I have always believed that getting tattoos is an incredible way for people to express themselves in their individuality.

I started getting tattoos long before I became a tattoo artist, and the process of getting tattooed has always been a very positive experience. It is something that I constantly look forward to. Having new art on my body from artists that I admire keeps me inspired. Meeting people, getting to learn about their story, why they decided on the art pieces they wanted and how it’s relevant to their lives is what I enjoy most about my work. I believe that getting a piece of art put on your body can be an act of self-care, and it has become a very beautiful part of my life. What I love specifically about hand-poked tattoos is that they are generally less painful, as the experience itself tends to be more personal and intimate.

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Service Pricing

Eyelashes Price Time
Hand Poked Tattoos ($90 per hour) $90 1h


Becoming a tattoo artist has been a lifelong dream of mine. I love to draw and paint but I always found myself creating things I knew my friends or family would like, so I end up giving all my projects away as gifts. This is a big reason why I felt like being a tattoo artist was the right path for me, as I’m constantly looking for new homes for my art. Machine tattooing fascinates me, as I am a frequent tattoo seeker myself but upon discovering the style of hand poke tattooing, I quickly became immersed in what I could create with just my hands alone. I find machine-less tattooing to be a much more intimate and comfortable experience, and I love the flow of movement I get to tap into. Most of the style I tend to lean towards reflects my personality. I draw inspiration from the anime and shows I watch, music I listen to, or nostalgic games and cartoons I’ve grown up with.


Growing up, the walls in my room were always covered with drawings of my favourite anime characters and video game idols. I’ve taken online art classes and consistently look into new drawing techniques and tutorials to sharpen my style as often as I can. I am a self-taught artist, with art school being a potential goal in my future. During my four years of being a lash artist, I learned a lot about patience and precision and have used that practice with my art today. With hand poke tattoo’s specifically, the process takes longer than with a machine, so I was able to transfer that detailed oriented mindset towards my hand poking style.


You can often find me getting lost in my drawings at local coffee shops, relaxing with friends, or snuggling my kitty. I spend part of my time at a brewery hosting movie nights and pouring beers for my peers. Over the past few years I’ve become a frequent festival goer, and a positive energy supplier. My interests include painting, video gaming and discovering new albums to get lost in. I absolutely love a good conversation, and find myself learning from my surroundings constantly. I pride myself on my open-mindedness, generosity and humour.

Ready when you are.

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