Holly Hansen


The ability to use my hands to express myself through different art forms has always been the one way I am able to truly express myself. The process of creating something unique and introducing colour into my designs is the source of my passion for beauty. When I found my way into the lash industry, I quickly became very immersed in the world of lashing, challenging myself daily with different styles and techniques. When I discovered coloured lashes my whole world changed. I realized how much more creative I could be with the freedom to completely customize a look that is special and unique. Individuality and self love is what I strive for in my trade. It is my goal to help my clients love the person looking back in the mirror and feel happy in their skin.

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Service Pricing

Eyelashes Price Time
Natural Lash Set $120 1.5h
Natural Fluff Lash Set $160 2h
Loaded Fluff Lash Set $220 3h
Coloured Lash Set $200 2.5h
Light Lash Fill $60 1h
Standard Lash Fill $80 1h 30m
Loaded Lash Fill $100 2h
Extra 30 min Lash Fill $20 30m
Lash Removal $20 30m


I have always loved working with my hands. Whether it’s though applying makeup, painting or writing, I love the act of being immersed in art. Upon my high school graduation, I was introduced to a popular local Lash Artist who took me under her wing. I spent the next 3 years learning and working on all different types and shapes of eyes. After mastering Classic sets, I took another course for Volume lashing and learned how to apply coloured lashes. When I started working with coloured lashes, I immediately loved how creative I could be with custom styling and consider these type of sets what I am most passionate about in my work.


I joined the beauty industry in the spring of 2016, when I first received my training and certification at a well known local beauty parlour. I joined that beauty parlour and worked as a Lash Artist at that location for 3 years. In the fall of 2017, I took another lash course from another Lash Academy to certify in Volume styling. To further my education and become 3x certified in lash application I took a world renown volume course. I am constantly looking and working towards new learning opportunities and expanding my knowledge and skills within the industry.


I spend most of my free time relaxing with friends or cuddling my kitty BMO. Over the past few years I’ve become a frequent festival goer, and a positive energy supplier. My interests include painting, video gaming and discovering new albums to get lost in. I absolutely love a good conversation, and find myself learning from my surroundings constantly. I pride myself on my open mindedness, generosity and humor. Fun fact: I spend my spare time doing drawings for tattoos and hope to offer hand poke tattooing soon! Stay tuned!

Ready when you are.

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