Dasha Gerasimenko


Hand poke technique is becoming increasingly popular nowadays due to the gentle and delicate method of putting ink into the skin. Clients enjoy how relaxing their tattoo experience can be.

My art is inspired by nature, that’s why you can find my style is very organic and sometimes a little magical.

I’ve always liked drawing and the idea that I could put those drawings on people’s skin was really appealing to me. I enjoy learning it as a skill and increasing the way in which I can output my creativity. With tattooing, I feel like I’m doing something that makes people happy.

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Service Pricing

Hand Poke Tattoo Price Time
Hand Poke Tattoo Depends on design (Min $100) 1 hr


After doing some research for tattooing I’ve decided to go with a hand poke technique which I’ve been doing for almost two years and currently learning a machine technique that I’m very excited about. I always keep learning and trying to challenge myself with different techniques. But you can find my style is more about fine lines, botanicals and celestial.


I’ve been drawing since I was a kid. And always been interested in art. I attended a few art courses when I was in high school.

After getting an engineering degree and 5 years of university I realized that an office job is not for me.

Being a nail tech for almost 9 years, I figured that this is not something I would do for life, even though I love doing nail art. And this is how my tattooing journey has started.


I’m a big nature lover, I love hiking, long walks with my husband.

When off work, I’m either cooking or doing some crafts.

One of my hobbies is collecting shells, gems and getting new plants for my home.

Ready when you are.

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