Ani Love


Tattoos became a huge passion of mine, being able to pair biology, machinery, art and connection all into one experience was such an exciting concept for me. I’d say I’m mostly known for connecting with my clients, I love to hold a conversation, and make people feel comfortable, respected, and like they’re in safe hands. I have a nurturing, soft personality and my practice follows a very trauma-informed lens, encouraging consent and consensus. I hope that every client who comes to get tattooed by me leaves feeling empowered, a little more at home in their body, and eager to tell their friends!

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Service Pricing

Body Tattoo Price Time
Black and Grey Machine Tattoo Charge By Piece 1 hr
Colour Machine Tattoo Charge By Piece 1 hr


I have been tattooing for just over three years, I work in two different styles, black and grey illustrative, and neotraditional colour work.

Neotraditional has been a passion of mine since I discovered tattooing, I knew if I ever became a tattoo artist, or got tattooed, that neotraditional would be my style of choice. It was my first love of tattooing, and I hope to continue building trust in my colour work with new and existing clientele.

If clients are ever curious about colour tattoos but don’t feel like they know enough, I encourage people to ask me questions, I’m always happy to answer!


I started out as a fine art student, smelling like turps and covered in paint. I learned how to draw properly by attending regular life drawing classes, I realized the more I drew the human form, the more I realized that drawing isn’t too much to do with the physical motion of drawing, but a lot more about how you choose to see your subject. That’s when I became addicted to drawing realism, and trying to make things look as lifelike as possible on paper.

I then started to move towards graphic design and illustration at Leeds University, working digitally, and screen printing, I cleaned up my artwork in a way that made it more visually communicative, I started to become passionate about how the eye travels across the page and what you notice first in a design. This translated so beautifully when I began to tattoo, as one of the most important things you’ll learn as a tattoo artist, to ensure a tattoo communicates well from a 3 feet distance. It’s not about how much detail you can squeeze into a tattoo, it’s more about strategic gaps or negative space for the eye to travel towards, and being generous enough with sizing and spacing.


I’m a queer, Taurean artist originally from Manchester, UK. I came to Canada 6 years ago and fell in love with the people, the mountains and the slower paced lifestyle. I loved to live fast and travel previously, I lived in Berlin, Germany just before I came here, and country hopped until I found home here.

These days I take life super slow, I’m typically introverted, so once I come back home from work, it’s all about recharging my batteries with great food and a good book.

I’m currently expecting a child come September 2021, and I’m really excited to be a mother for the first time! I’m excited and happy to be a part of the furniture at Studio Artisphere until then!

Ready when you are.