Adoriana Arastou


I have always gravitated my life to revolve around beauty and art. Having such a thirst for knowledge has led me to learn a diverse range of education in art, Fashion, makeup artistry, and now cosmetic tattooing. Working professionally in these different industries has instilled in me the importance of building relationships with different types of people and having an eye for detail. These skills have been the foundation of providing my clients’ world-class service paired with an artistic experience.

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Service Pricing

Eyebrows Price Time
Microblading $450 3h
+ Beauty Mark + $100 N/A
+ Colour Correction + $100 N/A
+ Shading + $100 N/A
Ombre Powder Brows $450 3h
Combination Brows $550 3h
Touch-ups (within 3 months) $100 1h 30m
Touch-ups (within 6 months) $200 1h 30m
Touch-ups (within 12 months) $250 1h 30m
Touch-ups (within 18 months) $300 1h 30m
Touch-ups (within 2 years) $350 1h 30m
Touch-ups (after 2 years) $400 1h 30m
Scalp Micropigmentation Price Time
SMP Consultation with Mandatory Test Patch (30mins) $50 30m
Scalp Micropigmentation 3 hr session $600 3h


At a young age, I found an innate ability to paint portraitures. Being able to highlight the complex features of an individual’s face through painting allowed me to get hired by the city to showcase my work through murals as well as hold art classes at a local community centre. This earned me the title of the Northshore’s best young artist by the age of 18. Later I went on to work in fashion and designed a collection that opened up Vancouver fashion week 2006 which recieved the Golden Bobbin “Best Overall” award. Afterwards I pursued modeling and landed the opportunity to compete and represent Vancouver in Miss Universe Canada. This opened up another opportunity for me to move to Tokyo and work with some of the most talented designers, photographers, and celebrity makeup artists in Japan. After I took my introductory microblading course, I refined my technique with several other advanced courses while training on models for a full year to perfect my craft. I have now been working as a professional cosmetic tattooing artist since 2016.


Out of high school, I had dreams of working in the beauty and fashion industry so I simultaneously went to Blanche Mcdonald School of Makeup and Helen Lefeaux School of Fashion. After working internationally in the fast paced industries of beauty and fashion, I wanted to slow down my lifestyle and find another career that involved working with people and being creative. Once I was introduced to Microblading, I knew this was a career I could really excel in. I now have 4 different certifications just for microblading from the most renown educators from Europe and North America.


I like to describe myself as a health and fitness advocate, adrenaline junkie, thrill seeker and adventurer. I am always planning my next big adventure whether it’d be Heli snowboarding on untouched snow in beautiful British Columbia, or going on a meditation retreat deep in the mountains of Kathmandu, Nepal. But in my day to day life I really just enjoy creating healthy recipes, doing yoga, and being active. Fun fact: As healthy and fit as I am, my biggest weakness is bubble tea and I have to stop myself from having more than one a day.

Ready when you are.

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