Eyelash Extension Aftercare

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Lashes are a luxury. They are expensive, and they take time and patience. Please take care of your lash investments <3

Within the first 24 hours:

  • Please avoid hot steam or completely soaking the lashes – The glue needs to cure, which takes a full 24 hours to finish the bond. If you shower, do a heavy workout, go to hot yoga or a sauna/steam room the same day as you have your extensions applied, you WILL have major retention issues.
  • Crying within 24 hours – We’re human, we are allowed to cry. However, tears in the first 24 hours can cause them to get crunchy and tangled, so brushing through them at this point will pull them out. The best way to save your lashes is to wash them after a big cry, and let them air dry.

To Remember:

Clean your lashes often

Natural oil, sleep and dirt/makeup residue can seep into your lashes. They need to be cleaned to have the best retention possible. Ask me about my recommended cleansers, If i do not have any on hand I can order them for you for your next appointment.

Any products used around the eye area should be oil free

Be sure to check your face products. Oily face products will break down your glue adhesive very quickly.

Mascara is a big nono

Even between your fills, or just on the bottom lashes. Mascara is tacky, usually contains oil, and will travel to your upper lashes regardless if it’s only on the bottom. The point of extensions is to avoid wearing mascara. coated fans will have to be removed. if you’ve applied mascara on fans and i am unable to clean it off completely, I will need to remove them.

Please avoid picking off your lashes in between those fill appointments

By pulling at your extensions, you may pull out your natural lashes, leaving bald spots. I attach my extensions on your natural lashes. Without a natural lash, I will not be able to add the extensions.

Heat and singed lashes

Be wary of hair straighteners, opening ovens, cooking with hot steam, smoking or open flames close to your lashes. They are made of a synthetic silk or faux mink material, and the tips do not like excessive heat. Unfortunately there is little we can do about burnt, singed lashes, and they will need to be removed so take this into consideration during your daily life.

Lash Loss; what to expect when they start:

  • It is normal to lose 3-5 natural lashes per day.
  • If you have the volume lashes, they are isolated completely on those natural lashes, so it is 100% normal to lose 3-5 fans per day. Fills should be booked between 2-3 weeks to maintain the best looking lashes.
  • To qualify for a fill for your lashes, we’ll need to have at least 30% of your extensions left at the start of the appointment. If you have only a couple lashes, I will need to charge you for a new set.

Spring and Fall Shedding:

  • Some times of the year, hair loss is more apparent. You may lose more than your usual loss due to the seasonal shed. Depending on the client, you may need to book in a week earlier than your regular fill time due to the dreaded shedding time.


Please contact me directly if you have an issue with your lashes.
If you get in touch with me about your issue within 3 days, I will be able to fix them for you.


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